The Goodwills at Maleny Music Festival

The Goodwills Newsletter

August 2023

The Goodwills Trio at Nambour’s Black Box Theatre

We’re delighted to announce that the Goodwills Trio will be performing at this year’s Maleny Music Festival, which is on from Friday November 10 to Sunday Nov 12, 2023. Fiddler and singer Helen Rowe joins veteran duo Bob and Laurel Wilson to present what is becoming known as ‘harmonic folk’. – mainly originals with our special 3 voice blend.

This is the 10th anniversary of the Maleny festival, which was re-invented by Noel Gardner and friends. As we all know, the original Maleny Folk Festival, which started in 1987, morphed into the Woodford Festival, which has become one of the biggest music festivals in Australia. There was always a hankering to return to the small-scale, good vibes feel of a smaller festival. Apart from the Covid-19 interruptions, it has all gone well.

The programme looks good and we will be camping there for the duration. As to when we are performing, you’ll need to check the programme later in the year.

The festival programme is being progressively released on the Facebook page – sign up here and stay in the picture.

Our public appearances this year have included Folk Redlands, Sunday Folk at Nambour (supporting Fred Smith) and a spot at The Bug in July.

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Author: Bob Wilson

musician, journalist, webmaster