Big Country Town

BCT coverBig Country Town is a fully-fledged studio album which Bob and Laurel completed in 2002 while holding down demanding day jobs. “Macca” liked that one too and played four or five songs from the album over the course of the next year or two and included some of Bob’s songs on his popular compilation albums.
“One of those songs has certainly stayed the course, with Macca playing ‘If It Doesn’t Rain Soon, Mate’ quite a lot in 2014,” Bob said. “It is about the banks pushing farmers off the land and that seems to be a cycle related to droughts and the increasingly tough line taken by multinational financiers.”
The 2002 album Big Country Town contains 13 original songs, some of which have been played on Australia all over including the title track, If It Doesn’t Rain Soon, Mate, Shopping for Whitegoods, Like our Fathers and 53 & Fragile. The album was produced in Brisbane by Shane Hughes of Dominic Sound, mastered by Don Bartley at Studio One in Sydney. Musicians featuring on Big Country Town include Steve Cook, Silas Palmer, Dale Jones, Peter Harvey, Steve Tyson and Women in Docs (Roz Pappalardo and Chanel Lucas) on backing vocals. The songs on Big Country Town were largely written when Bob and Laurel were living and working in Brisbane, Queensland’s capital city. This album will be discontinued at some point but can be downloaded at Bandcamp for just $5. If you want a physical copy order it at our shop, $5 plus $3 postage.
All songs by Bob Wilson (c) 2002
1/ Big Country Town 2/ Four Poster Bed 3/ Big Picture Window 4/ If it Doesn’t Rain soon, Mate 5/ Postman, I’m Waiting 6/ The Bandstand 7/ Shopping for Whitegoods 8/ Watching as you Sleep 9/ Like our Fathers 10/ Mending Fences 11/ 53 & Fragile 12/ One Small Red Shoe 13/ Paradise Motel 14/ Credits (secret track)