Patricia Forerios

News Flash 2022:

Bob’s song ‘When Whitlam took his turn at the wheel’ has been awarded the 2022 Alistair Hulett Songs for Social Justice award.

The national award was presented at the National Folk Festival in  Canberra. You can listen to the song (or even buy it) from Bandcamp.

For those who did know, this is the 50th anniversary of the election of the visionary Whitlam government.


Reviews of The Last Waterhole

What reviewers and critics are saying about The Last Waterhole.

Graham Blackley – Trad & Now
April 2016 edition

…”The album is characterised by a rich and robust sounds, thoughtful and evocative lyrics and a playful eclecticism that grabs and maintains the listener’s attention.”…

Anne Infante – The Folk Rag, December 2015

Another jewel of an album from The Goodwills (Bob and Laurel Wilson), The Last Waterhole features 13 outstanding new original songs from the pen of the ultra-gifted Bob Wilson. As always, Bob’s lyrics are individual, insightful, elegant, poetic, sometimes acerbic and strike a chord of similar experience in the listener, tugging at the heartstrings and involving them in the stories of life as seen through his perceptive eyes. The tunes are memorable and perfectly complement the lyrics, the album is impeccably produced with beautiful artwork … in fact, the whole presentation is a fine work of art. (continue reading)

Review by David Costello

The Courier-Mail March 21, 2015

“Bob and Laurel Wilson open their latest Goodwills album with a ballad about swaggies and billabongs but it’s a long way from Waltzing Matilda. The sun-blasted traveller of the Last Waterhole is stumbling through a Condamine Plains stripped bare by the great tsunami of 2043 and littered with shipwrecks and flotsam. It’s another striking scenario from the imagination of Bob and the highlight of an album full of surprises.”

“This is engaging stuff delivered with warmth and wit. Highly recommended. ****



Bob Wilson

“Bob Wilson is a GREAT songwriter because he turns his poetic eye onto the small things in our lives; the minor, private moments of our existence. He holds a mirror up to our personal adventures – the things which shape us and make us who we are. He remembers and reveals things we should notice but never do. Thus there is the delight of recognition.”

“I love his tunes, his words, and the way the Goodwills sing them.”

Hugh Lunn March 9 2015.