Goodwills Online

An eight-track EP featuring the award-winning song, When Whitlam took his turn at the wheel, winner of the 2022 Alistair Hulett Songs for Social Justice award. Produced by Roger Ilott at Restless Music, Storm King 2022.

We have updated the way we share and sell our music. Here you will find links to online streaming services where you can listen to our songs. If you want to add songs to your digital library you can download digital albums or individual songs. If you are old school and like to play physical CDs, head on over to Goodwills CD Shop. To explore what we have online, click on these links.

You can find our albums The Last Waterhole and When Whitlam Took His Turn At The Wheel on Bandcamp. You can typically listen to songs three times before Bandcamp will ask you for money. If you like to listen at your leisure, go to Spotify.

Studio album released to positive reviews in 2015. Produced by Pix Vane-Mason and Steve Cook at Pix Records, Conondale.

Our music can be found on most streaming services via Gyrostream. Follow this link and find your preferred service. Naturally enough it gives us a boost when we get a ‘Ka-Ching’ email from Bandcamp which means someone has downloaded one or more of our songs.