Loungeroom Legends

LLLLoungeroom Legends

The Goodwills moved to Maleny in 2002 and got involved in community groups, including Tapestry choir, featured on their third CD, recorded live in their living room in 2006 in front of a capacity audience. Bob and Laurel invited Tapestry to accompany them on one song and to perform a couple of songs on their own. The album was recorded by Pix Vane Mason, who took over the spare bedroom for the afternoon and later spent countless hours with Bob editing the chatter between songs.

The album contains nine Bob Wilson originals, four of Bob and Laurel’s favourite covers and two songs from Tapestry, with Bob and Laurel putting on their choir hats! There is a light-hearted air about this album which captures the spontaneous humour of The Goodwills, although Bob says “we played everything too fast!”


MP3 Samples

1/ Crossroads of Love

2/ Impressions of New Zealand

3/ Little Deeds

4/ Think Outside the Square

5/ Courting the Net

All tracks/
1/ Calm Blue Ocean (Bob Wilson), 2/ Crossroads of Love (Bob Wilson) 3/ Impressions of New Zealand (Bob Wilson) 4/ Women of the West (G E Evans/S Whybird) 5/ Little Deeds (Bob Wilson) 6/ She’s Apples (Bob Wilson) 7/Small Frog Song (Bob Wilson) 8/ Think outside the Square/Bye Bye Blackbird (Bob Wilson/M Dixon and R Henderson) 8/ At the dentist (Bob Wilson) 10/ Sit Right Down (F Ahlert/J Young) 11/ Poor Wayfaring Stranger (Trad) 12 Une Canadien Errant (Trad/Antoine Gerin-Lajole) 13/ Steal Away (Trad) 14/ Courting the Net (Bob Wilson) 15/ Political Science (R.Newman) Irish Blessing (Trad).