People in their 70s have sort of warmed to this, at the same time realising Father Time is at our backs. Those in the know will say ‘yes but there are 11 seasons of Married at First Sight’ (didn’t scan).



Week eight of our Iso lockdown video series. We made the video and then spent most of today adding a slideshow. This is called ‘If it doesn’t rain soon, Mate’.

One of our most requested songs – a tribute to my family and their intrepid migrant adventures in the 1950s.

April 23: Episode 4 in our ongoing Goodwills in the Herb Garden series. We do these in one take so it is quite raw (as it should be). This is my song about a feral cat and the NT News.

April 15: Episode 3: We don’t usually post covers on YouTube but this artist was too important to go past.

April 8. 2020: Our second in the series Goodwills in the herb garden brings you one of Bob’s classic songs about the perils of the internet. We changed one word in this 1998 song and made it relevant for all of us in isolation. Stick around for our attempts at self-promotion (hilarious, or at least we thought so).

April 1, 2020, day seven of self-isolation after a 12-day caravan trip through rural NSW. We went out into the herb garden and made this for you.

The Australian government, under heavy social pressure, makes feeble noises about getting children off Nauru and PNG by Christmas. This is my contribution to the debate.3/11/18:

A young bloke down on his luck gets asked out by the girl of his dreams. But he has nothing decent to wear. Posted on May 23, 2016:

The Morris Ale is a droll story about a 100-year-old Morris dancer who still wants to keep dancing, though the Squire has other ideas. Posted on May 12, 2016.

Now for a story about a Scottish family emigrating to New Zealand in the 1950s. The song asks why it was OK to be an economic refugee then, but it’s not OK now

This is nice – Chloe Hall and Silas Palmer interpret Bob’s song about unrequited love, Paradise Motel, recorded at the show, Songs from the Story Bridge at the National Folk Festival 2012.