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Cloudstreet – John Thompson, Nicole Murray, Emma Nixon

Internationally renowned folk group Cloudstreet return to Maleny on Sunday February 19, 2017 for their fifth appearance as guests of The Goodwills (Bob & Laurel Wilson).
Original members John Thompson and Nicole Murray, now teamed up with fiddle player and singer Emma Nixon, performed six times at Woodford Festival 2016. Their latest CD, Clouded House, the 8th Cloudstreet album since John and Nicole began performing together in 1999, was launched in late 2015.
Cloudstreet perform New Australian folk music, a combination of Anglo-Celtic and Australian traditional songs and tunes, coupled with trad-styled original songs. Their music is arranged for an array of instruments including guitar, concertina, flute, whistle and fiddle and now includes the fiddle playing brilliance and vocals of Emma Nixon.
Host Bob & Laurel Wilson (The Goodwills) will present a preview of their latest project, a collection of essays written by Bob, each based on the topic of a song. Bob is aiming to publish the book with an accompanying CD, “Goodwills by Request” before Christmas 2017
The concert starts at 3pm. Tickets are $15/$12 and afternoon tea will be available. Bookings are essential. Email Laurel goodwills at

What you missed last year

October: Singer-songwriter, author and Australian diplomat Fred Smith returned to the Goodwills’ loungeroom after a sold-out show in 2015.

September: The Goodwills with guest fiddler Helen Rowe performed at Neurum Creek Festival.

August: Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay brought their lovely blend of Celtic and Australian music to Maleny.

July: We had a full house for Christine Venner-Westaway’s Joan Baez Tribute.

May: The Karen Law Family Band

April: Maleny troubador Tommy Leonard filled for The Delphics who cancelled due to ill health.

February: Alt-country duo The Bobkatz paid a visit from Hervey Bay.

January: We travelled south for the Illawarra Folk Festival where we had three concerts.

Our house concert series

The Goformal goodwillsodwills have been staging intimate unplugged house concerts since 1997 at their home in Brisbane and, for the past 14 years, in Maleny. Sold-out shows include Cloudstreet, Kelly Cork, Andy Rigby, Fred Smith and Liz Frencham and the recent Joan Baez Tribute.

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The Goodwills almost always perform an opening set for local, national and international guests including: Two Crows, Penelope Swales, Sunas, Kath Tait, Pirate Brides, Phil Garland, Rose Bygrave, Andy Rigby, Fred Smith and Liz Frencham, Margret RoadKnight, Chris Aronsten, Karen Hunter, Tommy Leonard, Cloudstreet, Noel Gardner, Kieran Halpin, Andy Rigby, Rough Red, Night & Day, The Wish List and Rebecca Wright and Donald McKay.

“It’s great to be able to provide a space where people who like listening to intelligent music can interact with musicians who have something worthwhile to say.” said Bob.

“And of course we get to perform in our very own lounge-room,” said Laurel. “We’d like to think we invented this sort of gig, but it’s been around a long while – from the early classical composers to blues and jazz musicians who gathered in each other’s homes.

“Sometimes it can be a little daunting for audiences new to the concept, but we get very positive feedback – many say it’s their favourite kind of live performance.”

Frequent house concert attendee and Glasshouse Musos reviewer Barbara Ramadge-Ross had this to say about one of our concerts:


These concerts at Bob & Laurel’s home happen every few months or so & are always wonderfully intimate & enjoyable musical experiences! With yummy home-made cakes with your tea & coffee too!

This time it was Cloudstreet as the featured musicians, after a set by the Goodwills to start the afternoon off as usual. Bob writes some lovely & heart-stirring songs which they always present beautifully, with great harmonies & wonderful guitar work by Bob. Their new CD is a delight, so if you get the chance, buy it!

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