Website changes pending

April 8 Update:

We are fine-tuning an upgrade of our website.  Apologies to anyone who has been trying to buy one of our CDs.  You’ll hear more from us in 2020 as we have a new project on the front-burner. While we are in covid-19 lockdown we are posting a weekly video which you can see on our Home and Video pages.

Changes thus far: we now have a brand new store where you can order one or more of our CDs. Explore our Bandcamp page where you can download the two CDs and a single we are offering online.

The shop on this website now enables you to order physical CDs and pay for them via PayPal. credit card or EFT.

If you have any issues or questions, email: waikareiti <at>

Author: Bob Wilson

musician, journalist, webmaster