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This album from The Goodwills (Bob and Laurel Wilson) brings to life a variety of songs from the pen of Bob Wilson. The styles are varied and so is the subject material, although much of it is imbued with Bob’s trademark drollery. There is a distinctly Australian feel about the album, with its stories about ore trains, feral cats and watching footie on a Sunday afternoon.

The CD has 14 tracks – beginning with the title track, an apocalyptic ballad about climate change, and then swings into a trad jazz style story about Buddy, a sweet old horse who got moved on when his paddock was claimed for housing. ‘Burning Father’s Letters’ is a heartfelt ballad about the dilemma faced by adult children left with their parents’ private correspondence. The song is reprised at the end of the CD with a spoken word narrative about Charles Dickens and his “bonfire of the vanities” in 1860 when, despite protests from family and colleagues, Dickens set fire to all of his personal correspondence.

Studio album (2002) discounted to $5 plus $3 postage

Big Country Town is a fully-fledged studio album which Bob and Laurel completed in 2002 while holding down demanding day jobs. “Macca” liked that one too and played four or five songs from the album over the course of the next year or two and included some of Bob’s songs on his popular compilation albums.
“One of those songs has certainly stayed the course, with Macca playing ‘If It Doesn’t Rain Soon, Mate’ quite a lot in 2014,” Bob said. “It is about the banks pushing farmers off the land and that seems to be a cycle related to droughts and the increasingly tough line taken by multinational financiers.”
The 2002 album Big Country Town contains 13 original songs, some of which have been played on Australia all over including the title track, If It Doesn’t Rain Soon, Mate, Shopping for Whitegoods, Like our Fathers and 53 & Fragile. This 2002 album is being discontinued pending the release of The Goodwills by Request, a collection of the duo’s best-loved songs.

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This live CD from 2006 includes cover versions of other songs so is for sale only as a physical CD. It will also be discontinued on the release of The Goodwills by Request. So if you have a sentimental attachment to rare live albums, be quick. The CD also includes songs from Maleny choir Tapestry choir. The CD was recorded live in the Goodwills’ living room in front of a capacity audience. The album was recorded by Pix Vane Mason, who took over the spare bedroom for the afternoon and later spent countless hours with Bob editing the chatter between songs. The album contains nine Bob Wilson originals, four of Bob and Laurel’s favourite covers and two songs from Tapestry, with Bob and Laurel putting on their choir hats! There is a light-hearted air about this album which captures the spontaneous humour of The Goodwills, although Bob says “we played everything too fast!”

The debut EP “Courting the Net” is out of stock. Bob’s three songs from this 1999 album (including Underneath the Story Bridge) will be included on The Goodwills by Request, which will be released post-covid-19.