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The Goodwills + Silas Palmer at Tweed Heads Services Club, 2005 (on tour with Macca and the Gumboot Band)

The Goodwills Website Winter Update

July 10, 2022

Dear Friends of the Goodwills

Here’s big thanks to people who ordered songs or albums from Bandcamp, our preferred download service and to those who paid extra.

Despite writing an internet satire song in 1999, we have been slow to adapt to changing tastes in music delivery. The insight came when my nephew texted me a few years back to say: “Can’t find you on Spotify, Uncle’.

Tedious though it may have been, I have updated our website to more accurately reflect the digital age of music. We dispensed with our ecommerce shop and instead now present you with two alternatives.

There is a page called Goodwills Online that shows at a glance how many of our albums/songs are available for download or streaming. There are links to Bandcamp (our preferred music download service) and Spotify, which seems to be a necessary part of the whole.

For the old-school (people who still have CD players in their cars) Goodwills CD Shop will show you what’s available, prices and instructions on how to order physical CDs. As we still have a stock of Australia Post CD boxes and now get pensioner stamps, we can send an album to you for $2 postage. We should charge $3 but we still have stock under the bed and would prefer one day to be able to vacuum under there!

Goodwills Videos

We’ve been a bit better at producing YouTube videos although we have not done one for a while. Our most popular videos, Get the Kids off Nauru https://youtu.be/ie2X-iAieN8 and Rangitiki  https://youtu.be/idnXHKWl01A have almost 2000 views between them.

A video cover of Bob’s song Courting the Net by Brisbane folkie Mary Brettell has had 1,687 views. https://youtu.be/QhyUc-TRQ38. See if you can knock her over the 2000 line.

In 2020 we produced a series of lockdown videos where we would sit among the plants and garden beds and sing one of my songs or a cover. We should probably do an ‘after-Covid’ series, should that day ever come.  Here is the link to our YouTube channel

Or you can view selected videos on the video page of our website. The best of them are well-produced, the rest as like us – a bit daggy.

Upcoming Goodwills gigs:

July 10: Thanks to all who came out for our concert at the Warwick U3A Rooms. The fundraiser for the Romero Centre collected $540. Well done you!

August 3: Red Hill Folk, Red Hill Bowls Club, Fulcher Road $5.

August 4: Muzika, 7.30pm – assorted acts. Maleny RSL $10

Last Waterhole cover smallIf like some of our fans you live in Canada, New Zealand or the UK, you can download our album and have breakfast at Tim Horton’s with the money you saved on postage.

Meanwhile, sign up for the Goodwills mailing list and if you like the sound of Friday on My Mind, you can sign up for the blog by following the link. Finally, as a measure to block comment spam, we ask that if you want to comment or contact us, do so on our Facebook page