Courting the Net EP – last days, hurry hurry

I could not resist using retail frenzy language to let you know that if you want a copy of our 1999 debut EP, we have only 15 CDs left. The 7-track album includes three original songs, Courting the Net (my love is on the internet again), Underneath the Story Bridge and Tales of a Mis-Spent Youth. Covers by other songwriters are: Political Science (Randy Newman), I Wake Up Slow (Dory Previn), Turtle Blues (Janis Joplin) and Cry you a Waterfall (Kristina Olsen).

The album was produced by Aria-winning producer Rupert Pletzer at his studio over the road from my place of employment at the time.

We made all of the classic first album mistakes, largest of which was the pun in the title of my internet song (which is found nowhere in the lyric), which made it impossible to find online. We didn’t put the track listing on the back, and, because two songs on this CD were played repeatedly on Australia all Over, it would have helped if we had done Marketing 101!

The title track and Underneath the Story Bridge were included in Macca’s Top 100, but if you want to snare a little piece of history, this album is priced at only $5 plus $3 postage. A great Christmas present for your Dad or Grandad!  Click on ‘shop’ to order.

We have been working on a ‘best of’ collection for a long time now and there are quite a lot of new and previously unpublished songs which are in the mix. Watch this space.

Author: Bob Wilson

musician, journalist, webmaster